About our Grapes


The first vines were planted in 2004 with a slow but steady expansion over the following years. Sitting at 1800 feet on a south facing hill, the vineyard which is underlayed by limestone, has a significant variety in both soil composition and soil depth.

The vineyard is single varietal, Sangiovese, with clones originating from both the  Montalcino and the Chianti Classico regions of Italy.

Our first commercial harvest was in 2012. The resulting wine produced by William-Chris Winery, won a gold medal and was awarded Texas Class Champion at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (New World Sangiovese and Blends).


Both of these Sangiovese clones came from regions where the vineyard are dry farmed by regulation.

Year round soil moisture measurements allow us to take advantage of drip irrigation, but only when it is deemed necessary. Early in the season, the soil moisture is ensured to be adequate through regular soil moisture readings, but later in the year, the soil is allowed to dry. This preserves the brix and integrity of the fruit. The limestone bed has proven key in natural soil moisture moderation. Although drip irrigation is available, it normally is only used to help establish the youngest vines, and to carry insecticide and fungicide to the established vines.